Invest in health & well-being —–> happiness & performance

I believe to feel healthy and fit is not only an investment in preventive health, but vital to the way we feel about ourselves and the energy we exude. A self-directed approach to our health and wellness puts us in the driver’s seat of our happiness and success.

Our country is fat and sick.  The health and fitness industry is overloaded with conflicting information with an agenda.  Our healthcare system is set up to reimburse based on the number of services a patient receives — there is no incentive to fix the root CAUSE.  Why is the food pyramid and the ‘exercise more/eat less’ guidelines making us fatter?  Our healthcare costs are spiraling out of control with over 80% of cost from preventable lifestyle related chronic disease.  Fortunately for us, behavior lifestyle is learned — the solution is within our own brains as we unlearn the fallacies we have accepted as truth.

I am excited for the digital health movement and believe that we have the power to take control of our own health and happiness.  I am on a mission to create the value for preventative health solutions as healthcare becomes personalized and we are empowered to look within to unlearn behavioral habits that don’t support our well-being.