MindFit U was created to help inspire others to beat themselves.  I laugh when I look back and realize how often I just get in my own way. The objective of this site is to help you identify your own limiting beliefs and habits engrained in the unconscious mind that prevent you from achieving sustainable results.

The health and fitness industry is information overload at its finest.  Who has time to food log or worry about calories?  Let’s identify the 20% of your behaviors that bring 80% of the results to achieve a healthier and fitter you. We are in an era where the information is already out there, it’s just time look within for the solution.

A proactive approach to personal health and wellness puts us in the driver’s seat of our happiness and success.  To feel healthy and fit is not only an investment in preventive health, but vital to the way we feel about ourselves and the energy we exude.  It may sound good in theory, but we all have an ego engrained with limiting beliefs and poor habits that serves as an excellent saboteur. Let’s unlearn.

Living well